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Break Dance


Enroll in a group or private hip-hop class. Learn musicality, creativity rhythm and coordination in this high energy class.

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Singer Recording a Song


Enroll in group or private classes to get your voice in the correct range, with an undeniable pitch and the ability to project!

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Youth Tap Dance Rehearsal


Enroll in a group or private Tap class to be a musician & dancer in one! This class will improve/develop your rhythm, style & sound.

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Piano Practice


Enroll in private piano lessons! Gain understanding of finger placement, chords, reading music and other music theory basics.

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SoNo Entertainment and Dance Space, SoNo's new 5,000 sqft creative hub, is the sister company of SoNo Entertainment & Recording Studios (located right across the lot). 


S.E.A.D.S acts as a multipurpose creative studio, training facility and community gathering/event space. We offer a variety of classes and lessons including dance, music and acting to name a few. 


In addition to our educational offerings our space is outfitted with various rotating film and photography sets for the creation of visuals for business or personal use. 


Our space was built with community in mind and we would love to share it with you. Keep an eye out for events we have coming up or head to our event space page to book one of your own!

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